Genuine French Oak Floors 

About Us


The forests of France are home to the best French Oak timbers on Earth, managed for centuries by the areas traditional owners

and now selectively harvested – our timbers hold qualities that are as unique as their story.


Selecting our timbers means you can pass on the history of the forests in France safe in the knowledge that for years to come there will be ample supply.

Knowing that the forests in France have been sustainably managed for over 600 years means they produce the best quality single origin oak in the world. In France they comply with strict harvesting methods in line with PEFC regulation.

Every tree cut down is replaced with a least one tree.

Each tree harvested is up to 200 years old and, we know the DNA of all our lumber. 


The French respect the drying process using a  combination of air drying and kiln drying to produce stable lumber.


Single origin product ensures consistency and quality.


A superior product is guaranteed boasting wide grain patterns and cathedral grain which is unique to the areas mild winters.


Along with exclusivity and assurance that comes with full certification from our mill in France.